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From the streets of Nottingham, England to the race tracks of the world.

As a teenager, Andy spent many nights reading motorcycle magazines, hoping to one day make enough money to race.

"I was hungry to get into the workforce and start making money," he explains. "I got into the new industry of computer programming around 1980. Earning money gave me the opportunity to officially race so I converted my street motorcycle to a race bike as soon as I could."

His talent on the bike scored him several Regional Championships and a second place finish in the highly competitive British 500cc Production Championship.

In the early eighties, American companies were hiring British programmers and Pilgrim know this was an opportunity of a lifetime. His first US contact job was with General Motors working for the Pontiac Motor Division in Pontiac, Michigan. "The salary was $12,000 a year which I though was a lot when I was in England," grins Pilgrim.

To his dismay though, the salary was barely enough to live on and he lived in humble means on the tough streets of Pontiac, Michigan.

After a year, he took a job in El Paso, Texas where he borrowed and saved enough money to race cars.

"In my heart, I always wanted to race cars, but money would have always been an issue in England." Explains Pilgrim.

He began autocrossing in a 1983 VW GTi and started professional road racing in 1984 in the IMSA Renault Cup, receiving rookie of the year honors in his first year.

His motorsports career soon took off.  Pilgrim has won 5 Championships and 61 races so far in his professional racing career.  Over the last 15 years Pilgrim has been in the role of a factory driver racing BMWs and Porsches, then onto GM Racing in Corvettes, Pontiacs and Cadillacs. Once GM Racing shut down its Cadillac racing program due to budget cuts at the end of 2008, he was snatched up by Championship winning team, K-PAX Racing.

In the late fall of 2010, GM Racing announced Cadillac's return to SCCA Pro Racing with the CTS-V Coupe, and Andy was promptly picked to join team mate Johnny O'Connell in this two car team effort.

When he is not racing or working in his IT consulting company, Pilgrim now spends his time teaching new drivers the importance of driving safely and the dangers of distracted driving.

"It's my way of giving back." explains pilgrim who feels he has had a good life and wants to help teens stay safe on today's roads.

"Driver's education courses only help students pass their test," he explains. "Driving is a learning process that starts when you get your license and the learning never ends." Pilgrim teaches students how to become better and safer street drivers by relaying the importance of paying full attention at all times while driving. These are concentration skills he has finely tuned as a professional race driver and applied directly to street driving. He has spent over 15 years teaching teens the importance of road safety and the dangers of distractions like using cell phones while driving.

Pilgrim has also teamed up with Shriners Hospital for Children - Chicago ( by speaking to thousands of driver's education students and parents in the Chicagoland area since 2007.

In 2005, he produced a DVD with Dale Earnhardt Jr. called the "The Driving Zone.. He gave away over 40,000 free DVDs to new drivers across the US.

Pilgrim released the second edition of the DVD called The Driving Zone 2 in 2010.  This DVD highlights the extreme dangers and pitfalls of using electronic devices to text and email while driving. The DVD highlights many useful tools used by professional and very experienced street drivers to enable them to stay collision free while driving.  The DVD also has a section on adaptive driving equipment for people with disabilities.

In 2008 Pilgrim Started the Andy Pilgrim Foundation to raise more awareness of the deadly problem of distracted driving.

Pilgrim's message is universal as he hopes to educate new street drivers by giving them knowledge and good information in an understandable way.

Driving collisions and crashes are the number one killer of teenagers, Pilgrim hopes to help change these horrific statistics for the better through his message and mission.