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2018 All-Stars Contender: Lamborghini Huracán Performante

Pure performance is the Performante’s forte

Lamborghini Huracan Performante

Finally, after almost two days, I found the Lambo keys sitting in the infamous All-Stars key box. My next thought was possibly the most pointless one I had all week. "I wonder where it's parked." Lamborghinis kind of stand out in a crowd no matter what color they are. This one's neon "I'm over here, moron!" green paint (Verde Mantis in Italian, apparently) made my pointless thought feel even more insignificant.

The look of the new Lamborghini Huracán seems a little less extreme than previous designs, but this new Italian bull still embodies an enhanced-testosterone look Salvador Dali would be proud of. Contributor Marc Noordeloos was torn over the Performante, noting, "The styling is over the top, just how it should be on a Lamborghini," but adding, "The glossy details on the outside look like a cheap countertop." Still, the Huracán is arguably the most proportional and sleekest modern Lamborghini so far.

Pure performance is where the Performante sits. Looks be damned, does it handle, mate? "It's the best car on the mountain loop by a mile," editor-at-large Arthur St. Antoine said. "Absolutely effortless to drive fast." Contributor Basem Wasef praised the car: "Preternaturally grippy and organic on track. I did not want to give it up."

You feel the increased grip effects of the Performante's "aero-vectoring" technology over supercars with less downforce, such as the McLaren 720S, though it didn't come close to the aero-assassin grip of the Ford GT. Add that to an animalistic engine sound and well-sorted (not too much front bias) all-wheel drive, and you have a real weapon, which several of our judges confirmed can only truly be appreciated on the track.

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