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Driving Zone 2 - Nearly ready for primetime

September 28, 2010

I have had lots of emails recently wondering why I have not been writing about my races on the World Challenge site or on my own site. 


There is a really good reason for this.  During the last two months I have been up to my ears in writing the script and in production for Driving Zone 2, the new DVD to help new street drivers.

I made the original Driving Zone DVD about 6 years ago to try and educate new drivers on the dangers of distracted driving.  


Distractions while driving have changed completely in the last 6 years and I felt it was time to make the new DVD. 


The Andy Pilgrim Foundation is dedicated to helping new drivers and with donation money from very generous people and corporations we are just weeks away from completing the new DVD.


I am very proud to say that the original Driving Zone DVD is used in Broward County, Florida as an official part of driver’s education there.  The first DVD is also used in Cook County Illinois by the States Attorney’s office for the training of traffic related offender’s.

I have personally spoken to numerous high schools in 8 states about the dangers of

distracted driving and will continue to do so.


We have managed to get 50,000 copies of the original Driving Zone DVD out to the public and into schools during the last 6 years. 


I am involved very closely with Shriner’s Hospital for Children – Chicago with their Automotive Safety Project.  I work with this project by talking to high schools and to parents in the Chicago Illinois area.  The goal of the Shriner’s project is to help young people avoid making mistakes while driving through education  This education hopefully helping them to stay out of hospitals like Shriner’s Chicago where sadly, 30% of their spinal injury patients are in there due to traffic related collisions.


The new DVD will be finished in February and I will be talking much more about this in the coming weeks. 


We are working on a new, improved web site for Andy Pilgrim Foundation.org.  That new site should be up within a week.


Thanks everyone for your support and words of encouragement regarding my efforts to work on this massive problem of distracted driving.  I will continue to work tirelessly to educate new drivers and parents every chance I get. 


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