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Teaching Outside the Lines with Andy Pilgrim


- One-on-One Private Coaching

- Group Coaching

- Cars Available


Plug and play. Drop In. One size fits all? Not here…


Most professional racing schools create a generalized curriculum designed for the generic driver. Whether in a classroom full of students or one-on-one instruction; the student driver is expected to follow the cookie cutter program.


Andy’s approach is different, and it begins before the engine starts.


Andy brings decades of professional championship winning race acumen, combined with his unique and nationally recognized “mental side of driving” education skills to every session.


Student goals are discussed in a truly individualized setting. Current skills evaluated on a custom paddock layout designed by Andy, to reveal strengths and opportunities for improvement. It’s not all about teaching a technique...


Andy’s one-on-one students range from first time on track enthusiasts, using their own street car on track, to pro racers trailering their race car; everyone is welcome.


Most experienced street drivers, track day enthusiasts and even pro racers pick up many “interesting” driving habits over the years. An open mind is vital for any of us to make necessary changes in life; driving is no different. Sometimes things need to be unlearned and tweaked before those seconds, tenths of a second or even plain driving fun can be found.


One of the most important things students should know; The 3.2 mile, 23-turn NCM Motorsports Park track has it all; big elevation changes, fast, medium and slow turns, deceasing/increasing radius turns, multiple fast straights, blind crests and the infamous duo, “Deception” & “The Sink Hole”. If you are comfortable and quick at MSP, you have the driving tools to be quick anywhere.


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