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The Traffic Safety Education Foundation’s mission is to educate new drivers, parents, teachers and children of all ages about the deadly problems associated with distracted driving and other important traffic safety issues.  Driving experts drive distraction free because of what they know.  Education is the key to improving knowledge and driving safety.

Please visit the Traffic Safety Education Foundation website to learn more about our mission, or donate today.

Public Speaking Engagements

Andy Pilgrim has spoken at many conventions, expos, conferences, schools and corporations in his years as a public speaker, professional race driver and driver education expert.  Andy is also a motivational speaker who had the honor to speak at many graduation ceremonies.  He also was honored to speak to FBI agents at Quantico about the “Mental Side of Driving”.


Andy is available to corporations, schools, and any other organizations interested in any positive and pro-active initiatives regarding general driving safety and how to combat distracted driving!  

Contact Andy directly for more information.


Educational DVDs

The Foundation produces new DVDs and PSAs and donates them to underfunded school districts and other groups. In total, thousands of educational DVDs and PSAs have been donated to students, parents and driver education teachers.  Foundation work also consists of Andy engaging in important research and speaking at driver education teacher conferences and schools throughout the US.

Click here to learn more about the Foundation's educational DVDs.

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Digital Content

The Traffic Safety Education Foundation maintains a comprehensive video library. Here you'll find their 4 most popular DVDs available for free to stream by the chapter. YouTube is our streaming video provider.


In addition, the 4 current public service announcements are available for online viewing, with more to be added.


You can view digital DVD chapters here, and PSAs can be found here. 

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Community Outreach/Website

Re-launched in the Spring of 2019, the Traffic Safety Education Foundation website ( presents its mission, information and educational materials to the public. Over 30,000 driver education professionals have received DVDs so far. All downloadable educational materials and video content is offered free of charge.

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